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Sekilas tentang Situs Tamblingan.

Berbicara tentang Pura Penataran Pande Tamblingan yang dahulu dikenal sebagai Pura Catur Lepus, tidak bisa lepas dari penemuan Situs Tamblingan yang berawal dari penemuan sebuah lempeng prasasti tembaga oleh Pan Niki (warga Desa Wanagiri) pada tahun 1997.

More… Situs Tamblingan.

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    June 15 - July 13, 2013

    Bali Art Festival XXXV 2013
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    July, 2013

    The annual event takes place around July or August as the strong wind heads for Padanggalak, Sanur, where the festival is held. Never imagine numerous small colourful kites decorate the blue sky above Sanur beach as the festival shows off various forms and colours of giant kites of 10-meter width. It is really about the competition of Balinese's creativity.


    August, 2013

    The month of August in Bali witnesses the great commemoration of the anniversary of Bali Province that takes place on August. The running competition takes participation of elite athletes from international, national, public and students. As part of sport tourism, this event is expected to draw a big number of tourists to highlight this event on their holiday agenda.


    September 26th - 30th, 2013

    Amongst the foreign arrivals, Europe particularly, Sanur suits their best taste. The green view of villages in Sanur area which is well sustained inspires the organization of Sanur Village Festival that brings along a series of cultural events, music shows and culinary festival, also dance performances and water sports activities. Besides, through this event, the villagers around Sanur can merge with international community.


    October, 2013

    The carnival that takes place in the most famous tourist spot in Bali, Kuta beach, is usually held towards end of the year, like in October or September. It is a complete annual occasion consisting of beach sports, art and cultural, food festival, and painting exhibition centered at bursting Kuta.


    November, 2013

    Taking place in the best tourist spots, Nusa Dua and Peninsula Island, an annual festivity of Nusa Dua Fiesta is scheduled in October. The special 4-day occasion combines art and cultural activity, sport, music and exhibition also.

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